A Champion is Crowned

Photo by PEDRO UGARTE/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by PEDRO UGARTE/AFP/Getty Images

After a month that captured the world’s attention – and every four years, more of the United States’ as well – Germany moved into a tie for second place all time with their fourth World Cup title. They, along with Italy, now only trail five-time winner Brazil, who hosted this year’s tournament, and may be best remembered for what they didn’t do, like play defense when it mattered most.

Germany wasn’t perfect in this tournament, after all they “shockingly” tied Ghana, but they stuck to their principles and were:

  • Consistent: They always seemed to be the more skilled tacticians on the field. Always have some strategic communications solutions regardless of the issue.
  • Precise: Passing in tight areas created chances. Communications campaigns can be complicated; or they can appear flawless with perfect execution.
  • Opportunistic: If you gave them space, they made you pay for it…just ask Brazil. When you see an opportunity to enhance an internal or external perception, go after it, and quickly.

Germany kept their emotions in check (again, see Brazil players crying before they even won or lost their knockout game), kept level heads (Suarez is still flossing after his on-field meal), and handled their win with class (lined the Argentine players and applauded them as they accepted their runner-up medals).

The communications profession is often known for every day being different. But, consistently coming up with solutions, executing your plans, and seizing either media relations or employee communications opportunities can lead you to a title in your own right: a successful communicator.

And wonder if the U.S. will ever win the World Cup like Germany? Only time will tell, but the Americans are following a similar strategy as the Germans and are bringing in an abundance of young, albeit initially unproven, talent to grow into stars. Oh, and the coach that set up the framework for Germany’s current title? Jurgen Klinsmann, the current coach of the U.S. team.


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