About This Blog
What? Another blog? Well, yes, but let me tell you how “Lessons from Left Field” is different…

What you won’t read here: How great my breakfast was, even if I’ve had my nearly world famous cheesy eggs; how I finished 35th in my age group in the latest 5K race (saved for Facebook); the most recent cute thing that my daughter did (if you have your own kids you understand, if you don’t, you’re tired of hearing about everyone else’s kids); and how apparently great/miserable life can be at times (it’s a hard knock life, we need to get over it).

What you will read here: The blog will feature posts in roughly 400 words that glean communications and career insights from sports, and probably the occasional current event. With a degree in public relations and a profession in the communications field – with a passion for sports – I thought this would be the perfect combination for these two passions of mine. Some may just be observations when sporting and current events collide.

About Me

Nearly life-long Kansas Citian, with some time spend in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area, I’m a fan of the Wildcats, Royals, Chiefs, and Sporting K.C. Would like to think of myself as a loyal friend, loving husband, and proud dad, who gets through life with a determined work ethic mixed with a sense of humor.

I’ve been competitve as long as I can remember (delayed my own birth by two weeks because I was still comfortable), developed sarcasm at an early age (so said my first grade teacher at parent-teacher conferences), and have used sports and fitness as my release/coping mechanism/stress reliever.

Have never been a “great” athlete at any one sport, but like to think of myself as “decent” in several. Played soccer since I was five and combined that with track in high school. Could also fill out your roster in you’re playing volleyball, football or basketball. In fact soccer skills translate quite nicely to kickball as well (I’ve got the league championship shirt to prove it).

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become reflective and realize overall I’ve been pretty fortunate. Instead of “stuff,” it’s great friends and great family that are what’s really important in this big blue marble we call Earth.

-Andy DiOrio



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