Cleveland Rocks…They Better

In the past week, the Forest City (which makes sense given it sits on the southern shore of a massive lake), has conducted a pretty impressive run in two different sports and the political arena. Since May, Cleveland has seen the arrival of the football circus known as Johnny Manziel, landed the next Republican National Convention, drafted the No. 1 pick in the NBA (again) with Andrew Wiggins (yes, this Andrew Wiggins)*, and the world’s best basketball player announced he was coming back to his hometown basketball team (more on that in my post “A Champion Comes Home.”)

Not a bad past few months. Makes my becoming a parent for the first time, switching jobs and industries, and starting a blog in that same time period seem pretty mundane.

How did they pull it off? Different circumstances in the various sports and city government played a part, but surely each entity followed some general themes that can be found when either selecting the right talent for your organization or going after your goal, even if that means an employee “bringing his talents” back to where they began.

  • Keep Your End Goal In Mind: Both the Browns and Cavs needed dynamic players to re-energize their franchises, as well as needs for certain positions. The Browns moved up to get theirs; the Cavs stayed put for theirs. Know what you want and make the right moves to get it.
  • Be Willing to Deal: The city made a hard pitch to the RNC and it paid off. In any courtship, there are certain compromises that are made, but if both parties view it as a “win,” than those concessions are merely “capital.”
  • The Truth Will Set You Free: The Cavs’ owner met with LeBron and they both admitted faults in the past to pave the way for a repaired future. Sometimes “my bad” is the gateway to a marvelous new beginning.

Cleveland’s motto is “Progress & Prosperity” and the last week has certainly lived up to the first part of that billing. Now, with it driving a seemingly unstoppable train of good fortune, will it deliver the second part?

*Wiggins is now being discussed as a trade option to bring Kevin Love to Cleveland, so stay tuned.